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The Problem

The problem with life today is the it's too easy to feel stuck, lost, lonely, confused and overwhelmed, Especially as a young adult age 13-38+. My evidence-based model helps you to find
your true thoughts, think clearly, make a plan, and feel confident in about an hour.
Then, get support to work your SMART Goals to achieve, and make your plans a reality. 



Young adults in their late teens to mid-twenties who excel in their pursuits may confront an existential crisis, causing them to feel depressed, enraged, or lost. The sudden halt in their lives can be tough for those around them. But, there is hope because this sort of 'crisis' is entirely normal. Together we work on your hopes, dreams and practical desires for your life's purpose, realtionships, communicaiton skills, and heal the past, so you can create a strong, hopeful future, grounded on who you are, and what you want to get out of your life.


The practice of wayfinding involves exploring one's true self and answering the question "who am I?" to achieve a more fulfilling life. Traditional wayfinding recognizes that being a beloved child of God is the truest thing about a person. The false self seeks divine love through action, while the true self finds comfort in just being, knowing that there's a higher force, sometimes referred to as God, within us on our journey. Our talks help you realize that everything is working out for your highest good and growth, and that you are deeply loved and perfect just the way you are. Discovering one's true self is a process that can be aided by spiritual practices and tools, and living out of one's true self can bring freedom and a sense of purpose.


Expat mentoring talks can help young adults find a purposeful life through work that has a clear mission aligned with their personal and professional goals. Choosing meaningful work that fosters continuous learning is important, and material possessions may not make purposeless work worthwhile unless you prioritize a life solely focused on work over making a contribution. From our experience working with young adult clients, we have found that aligning their strengths, skills, and talents with their work allows them to devote most of their time to the enjoyable and challenging aspects of their jobs. Connecting their work to their life's mission is also crucial in ensuring engagement and a sense of purpose.

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