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Our talks delve into the world of success and the workings of the brain, covering three key areas: the reticular activating system, dopamine release, and memory. The reticular activating system acts as a gatekeeper, allowing important messages into the cerebrum to be converted into thoughts and emotions. To ensure you are fully in charge, our approach involves techniques such as visualizing and writing down goals, repeating affirmations, and having accountability partners. By engaging the subconscious mind, we help you stay focused on achieving personal and professional success as defined by you.


If you find yourself struggling to achieve your goals, it's important to consider where your motivation stems from. It's all about doing things that bring you joy, rather than chasing external rewards. Motivation is a fickle thing - you either have it or you don't. Intrinsic motivation, which is driven by autonomy, purpose, and mastery, involves doing things because you genuinely want to. But when you're simply not feeling motivated, nothing can force a shift in your mindset. Unlike external rewards or punishments that drive extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation is fueled by internal satisfaction. Through our talks, we aim to uncover what truly drives you, your values, and your purpose for doing what you do. This way, you can be fully aware and aligned with all aspects of your life's activities.


Achieving your goals requires personal accountability and effective self-management. Self-reflection through talks can help you identify your true beliefs and desires, which are more important than material possessions in attaining genuine success. By taking ownership of your authentic self, you have the power to create your own unique path to success. These strategies can help you customize your talks to meet your needs and foster a sense of self-responsibility in your personal growth. Expat talks can assist you in clarifying your personal strategies for success based on your true self and achieving real happiness.

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