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Slow down, to slow down

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Open Space Talks. No agenda. 

and  Martinko,  1 9 8 8; Gangestad

and Snyder, 2000; Premeaux and Bedeian, 2003).


Having a safe space to express oneself without any fear of judgment can promote the development of fresh perspectives and coping mechanisms, which can be beneficial in tackling personal challenges.

Studies show CEO's who  regulate their self-presentation with frequent, intense, and image-controlled interactions from the inauthentic self,  contribute impact on firm performance and managerial discretion, compared to than those operating from personal attributes such as internal locus of control (Gardner

THIS OFFERING INVITES CEO's to  engage in  "Open Space" talks with a  capable, experienced, educated confidant.


The service offers a secure, confidential, and ethical platform for discussing sensitive topics that may be unsuitable for home or the workplace. This creates an opportunity to alleviate some pressures in a private setting.

Open Space Talks with no agenda can help leaders relax, focus, and improve their overall well-being. If you're interested in this service, let's connect and discuss your needs to see how I can assist you.

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LEADERSHIP can be a difficult, lonely, and isolating role, because CEOs often feel pressured to appear strong and confident at all times, leaving little room for vulnerability or authenticity.  But, could it be that a CEO's attempt to maintain a favourable image in every possible way could potential present risk factors for both the leader and the organisation?

Taking constructive measures to enhance a CEO's well-being and promote effective leadership within the organization may involve having a trusted confidante, By offering safeguards against leadership  strain and provide a safe place to ensure mental vibrancy, a new exclusive private label opportunity has been created for CEO's.          

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